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Passionate About Inspiring Others

HER Connect is a Black Female Entrepreneur Network

created by Candy Cartel. In 2005 Candy Cartel started an all-female promotional team of models named "Pink Ladies Entertainment," which transformed into "The Pink Ladies Society." Candy Cartel geared The Pink Ladies Society towards female entrepreneurs promoting each other businesses and brands. Along with Pink Ladies Society, she ran the I Love Hip Hop blog and was also an interviewer while working in corporate America full time. In 2012 she decided to depart from her entrepreneurship endeavors and focus on her corporate career. 

In 2015 Candy Cartel left corporate America to operate her family-owned 21-year-old Heating and Air  Conditioning company. While operating the company she increased sales from $200,000 to 1 million dollars in sales annually. She managed 10 employees and obtained contracts with the City of Atlanta and Fulton County.  In 2020 the pandemic hit and the world went into a lockdown. While in lockdown Candy Cartel was plotting on her next chapter which was very hard due to the unprecedented circumstances. However, once the protests and demonstrations speaking out against police brutality came about, she felt compelled to figure out how she could contribute to her Black community and how she could make a difference in Black women's lives. Then a light bulb came on to revisit her first business idea. Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. However, Black women face more significant hurdles than any other group when accessing capital and loans. Even with the lack of financial backing, Black women are hustlers. Hustlers who keep a side hustle, whether it's doing hair or selling plates. She decided she wanted to be an advocate for Black women and entrepreneurship. Candace wanted to help Black women start and grow their businesses. And then HER Connect was born.

HER Connect Mission

  • Connect black female entrepreneurs to services that help start and grow their businesses

  • Connect black female entrepreneurs to resources to grow their businesses

  • Connect black female entrepreneurs to each other and to aspiring entrepreneurs

“Success isn't about how much money you make; it's about the difference you make in people's lives.” — Michelle Obama



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